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About our boat building

We offer two choices when it comes to creating your dream luxury narrowboat; Personalised or Bespoke.   With the personalised approach the shell comes in one of three styles, Cruiser, Semi Traditional or Traditional. Paint & fit is then personalised to a menu of choices. With the Bespoke approach you are encouraged to create your own ‘one off’ design and we are always keen to try new ideas. For more information contact the team on 07542 824262 or email them at

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Personalised narrowboats

By opting for one of our Personalised narrowboats you are investing in the same hand-built quality you’d get with our Bespoke build but at a fixed cost and with a design and layout that‘s tried and tested.

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Bespoke narrowboats

Our Bespoke luxury narrowboats give you the opportunity to get exactly what you want in your dream craft.  Whether you want a liveaboard for two or a weekend cruiser for the family, with this option you specify pretty much everything

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Previous Builds

For inspiration or just to check out our track record for quality and customer service, there’s nothing like a little third-party re-assurance.  We’ve asked a few of the owners of narrowboats that we’ve built over the years to share their thoughts on their experience of working with us. You can see what they said below.

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Narrowboat Finance & Certification

We offer assistance in financing the build of your narrowboat through one of the industry’s premier providers and all our boats are independently surveyed and certified before being handed over to a client.

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