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How Narrowboating can help you live a healthier life

Posted 5 years ago

Narrowboating can definitely help you to live a healthier life as it naturally encourages you operate differently to our land locked friends.  Living on a narrowboat is generally a quiet and simple way of life, with different demands but without the grinding day to day challenges faced by most. If you're properly organised life aboard can be a relatively stress free and easy going existence. Whilst space is naturally limited, relative to living in a house, this generally leads to a more simplistic way of life and you'll soon come to love the lack of clutter.  In fact, if you think about it, with a smaller space to maintain and clean you'll have more time to spend pursuing the activities and hobbies you enjoy.

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The 'on your doorstep' opportunity to embrace & and enjoy the outdoors is a huge bonus of living on a canal boat. Narrowboat life helps you to naturally optimise your daily steps and you've pretty much got a ready made cycleway on your doorstep, wherever you are. Boating and cruising demands a certain amount of fitness as the locks aren’t going to open themselves but by simply completing daily chores aboard you will be keeping fit, active and generally in the best of health. If you enjoy outdoor pursuits living on a boat enables you to fish from the bank or from your boat, run or cycle along the towpath as if it was in your garden and all that fresh air will mean you always have a healthy appetite and we have found it encourages you to eat more healthily and sleep more soundly.


Living on a narrowboat give you the unique opportunity to set off, at a moments notice, to explore the canal network and visit many different locations taking your home along with you. This enables you to be closer to more nature in more locations than almost any other form of accommodation. However, If that all sounds a bit 'tree hugging' to you, don't panic because importantly, living in a more minimalist way does not mean you need to sacrifice the comforts of 21st century living.  Our Luxury Narrowboats come ready to rock with central heating, luxury bathrooms and modern fully featured kitchens.


So if you want to get away from it all, without getting away from your creature comforts, drop us a line and start your dream narrowboat journey today.